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JUX+ (plus) is our musical collective where we team-up with artists who share our vision: to legitimize playfulness, find creativity in a recreative art, and connect with audiences through compositions that blur the lines between music, art, and theater. 


Interested in joining us? Drop us a line and share your ideas!


Michelle McQuade Dewhirst

We are in the process of commissioning Michelle McQuade Dewhirst for several new additions to her set of short pieces #nofilter. These pieces are based on text from spam emails and have been a staple of our repertoire since we were first formed. We are so thrilled that she is growing the set!

Jorge Sosa

We are seeking funding to commission Jorge Sosa for a set of pieces with text by Dina von Zweck. The pieces will include voice, cello, and electronics, and we plan to release a recording of the work as our first EP!

Interested in helping us bring these projects to fruition?

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