JUX+ (plus) is our musical collective where we team-up with artists who share our vision: to legitimize playfulness, find creativity in a recreative art, and connect with audiences through compositions that blur the lines between music, art, and theater. Interested in joining us? Drop us a line and share your ideas!


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We team up with phenomenal saxophonist, Nick Zoulek, in our first JUX+ (JUX plus) series to explore the concepts of relevance and vulnerability through a playful yet meaningful contemporary music concert. The touring program includes new commissions from JUX's latest Relevance Project and works from both of Zoulek’s albums ("Rushing Past Willow" and "Enter Branch"), plus works for all three performers. In addition to collaborating with JUX to perform three world premieres, Zoulek will share some of his own compositions. He explores new possibilities in saxophone performance, creating visceral tapestries of sound and has been praised as a “no-holds-barred engine of avant-garde exploration," (Portland Press Herald) and “stunningly virtuosic, whatever the genre” (Wall Street Journal). View our JUX+Zoulek touring schedule to see if we will be performing in a city near you this November!


To learn more about Nick Zoulek, visit his website:


To Be or Not To Be (Relevant)? 

We embarked on a large-scale multi-composer commissioning project asking 14 composers to write newly composed music for us exploring the theme, Relevance. For JUX, relevant-ing means connecting with and affecting people, finding creativity in a recreative art, and legitimizing playfulness on stage. Through this project, we are trying to start a larger conversation and encourage others to think about relevance.

We are in the process of booking concerts to tour these works in cities such as Detroit, NYC, Chicago, Cleveland, and San Antonio.

This large-scale commissioning project has been in the works for 8 months, but we need your support to help bring it to fruition. Through your benefaction, you are participating in the process of bringing 14 newly composed pieces of music into the world!


We explored many possible themes for this commission project; but as each new idea arose, we kept asking ourselves, "How is that theme relevant?" We began wondering if our composer colleagues think about the relevance of their work.  

Some consciously shape their work based on questions like “To whom is my work relevant?” and “In which communities is my work positively affecting change?” Others believe their work is most relevant when it speaks for itself. They focus on the work they feel compelled to write and the freedom to create without burden. While discussing this concept with the composers, our conversations touched on privilege, race, gender, age, sexuality, culture, wealth, and elitism.

Through these conversations, we realize that relevance affects everyone on a uniquely personal level. We hope this project will encourage people to consider relevance in their own lives.


Composer names are hyperlinked to their websites! Click on their names to view more information about them and listen to their music.



"Relevant-ing means connecting with and affecting people, finding creativity in a recreative art, and legitimizing playfulness on stage."


Leaha Maria Villarreal

“[Relevancy is] focusing on the things that we give weight to in our communities and in our day to day.”


Robert Fleitz 


“I am relevant, you have been warned!”


Robyn Jacob


"When I can give back just as much as I take, I feel that I am relevant."


Daniel Felsenfeld


“Hey, I am relevant… maybe...”


Marti Epstein


“I am relevant, we are all relevant.”


David Smooke


“I am relevant only if you are relevant.”


Danny Clay co-composed with Kate and Frances (5th graders)


“Hey adults, I am relevant!”


Cara Search


“Hey JUX, I am relevant!”


Griffin Candey


“These texts are relevant, y’all!”


Kevin Joest


“I am still relevant, you archetype!”


Michelle McQuade Dewhirst


“I am relevant and you need to hear me!”


Nicholas Carlozzi


“Hey wealthy politicians, I am relevant!”


D. Edward Davis


“I am relevant, you are relevant!”


Sarah Hersh


“Hey professional world, I am still relevant even though I’m a mom!”