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//  Hometown:  Detroit & Miami
//  Genres:  New Music
//  Years Active:  2017- Present
//  Website:
Short Bio

Juxtatonal [JUX] is a new music voice and cello duo performing music that [juxta]poses tonality with [atonal]ity, weaving seriousness and playfulness to create a dynamic concert experience. At the core of our mission, we aim to expand the repertoire for soprano and cello by commissioning a diverse array of living composers, curating our programs to connect with audiences through compositions that blur the lines between music, art, and theater. 

"Juxtatonal brings a wide-eyed excitement and gritty intensity to their performances, which range far beyond voice and cello to include spoken word, piano, toy piano, and anything and everything else they can think of to deliver a gripping show. A true ensemble for the next generation!" ~ Nicholas Photinos, Eighth Blackbird

"JUX is a delightful mix of humor, storytelling, and musicianship" ~ Dutcher Writght-Snedeker, pianist

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