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The Ensemble

"JUX is a delightful mix of humor, storytelling, and musicianship" ~ Dutcher Wright-Snedeker, Pianist

"Juxtatonal brings a wide-eyed excitement and gritty intensity to their performances, which range far beyond voice and cello to include spoken word, piano, toy piano, and anything and everything else they can think of to deliver a gripping show. A true ensemble for the next generation!" ~ Nick Photinos, Eighth Blackbird

Juxtatonal [JUX] is a new music voice and cello duo performing music that [juxta]poses tonality with [atonal]ity, weaving seriousness and playfulness to create a dynamic concert experience. At the core of our mission, we aim to expand the repertoire for soprano and cello by commissioning a diverse array of living composers, curating our programs to connect with audiences through compositions that blur the lines between music, art, and theater. 


Our concerts have been described as “a delightful mix of humor, storytelling, and musicianship,” (Strange Beautiful Music 2017) as we carefully select repertoire to provide the audience with a story arc from beginning to end using a range of musical aesthetics. Although we frequently perform on our primary instruments (Jocelyn Zelasko, voice; Bryan Hayslett, cello), we will often step away from them to play piano, toy piano, melodica, percussion, and a plethora of toy instruments. 


Since 2017, we have commissioned and premiered 18 new works, filling our concert programs with pieces written in the last 25 years. In our 2018/2019 season, we commissioned works exploring relevance and vulnerability performing the collection on a 17-stop tour reaching audiences in art galleries, park conservatories, mansions, and music venues in Canada and across the US. We have also performed and premiered works with 4 time Grammy award-winning ensemble Eighth Blackbird, Matt Ulery Trio, and guest artists Matthew Duvall and Yvonne Lam. Some of our favorite shows have been with the Great Lakes Chamber Festival and Kerry Frumpkin's Live from WFMT radio show, and in venues including the Detroit Institute of Arts, Elastic Arts (Chicago), Kneeland Walker House (Milwaukee), University of Wisconsin Green Bay, and Whitespace Gallery (Atlanta).

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